Fearless Friends Tour 2010

Fearless Friends: The Tour to End All Tours

Holy shit Fearless Records! You’ve always been a big name in the music industry, but somehow you’ve managed to put together the tour of the year, if not the decade! The Fearless Friends tour is underway covering almost all of the USA. The all-star lineup includes Go Radio, Artist Vs Poet, Every Avenue, Breathe Carolina, and headlined by Mayday Parade. This show was hands down the BEST show I have ever seen. Every band was on the top of their game, each and every one put on the best live set I have seen them play. If you have the privilege of seeing this tour in your town, my recommendation is to leave the cameras and phones at home. Block out all distractions, just go and listen to the music. Jump, scream, sing along, and just listen. I promise you will leave that show having one of the best experiences of your life.

First up was Go Radio, led by former Mayday Parade front man Jason Lancaster. The band started off loud and in your face, setting the tone for the whole night. For never seeing Go Radio before, they really surprised me with just how good they are. Although their set was pretty short, they kept the crowd moving the whole time. Definitely a band worth checking out if you have never heard of them before.

Next up was Artist Vs Poet, who took to the stage accompanied by the screams of hundreds of 13-year-old girls. While the long hair and good looks might draw in the crowd, their excellent music keeps them jumping and singing. The set was easily 100 times better than the last time I saw them live with We the Kings. They played a 7 song set, including their cover of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” of the newly released “Punk Goes Pop Volume 3.” The band sounded great the whole time, and Tarcy’s vocals were perfect. They ended the high energy set with their hit “Damn Rough Night”, which included Tarcy jumping into the crowd. They were also joined onstage by David from Breathe Carolina, starting off the night’s trend of guest vocals.

Every Avenue was next, and they sounded better than ever! Starting off the set with their hit “Where were you” from their previous CD, they got the crowd off their feet right away. Dave’s vocals were absolutely on point that night. Although he suffered from some vocal trouble in the past, he has clearly given it the attention it needed, and he sounds excellent now. While they are focusing more on material from their current release “Picture Perfect”, they don’t leave the old school fans out, playing a great variety of old material as well. The whole band had more energy than I have ever seen at one of the 30+ others shows I have seen Every Ave at, which made for an incredible set.

My personal favorite Breathe Carolina was up next. Time after time, David, Kyle, and the rest of the crew continue to put on one of the most high energy sets I have ever seen. This set however, was the best yet, easily the most amazing one I have ever seen them put on. Breathe proved to me that night why they continue to gain popularity, and that they deserve all of the good things they have going. David now regularly plays the guitar during their live set, which adds a whole new dimension to their music and show. Kyle still spends more time in and on top of the crowd than onstage, and his screams are still right on target. You can tell the boys still love what they are doing and enjoy every minute of it. There was no downtime in between songs; the beats seemed to never stop playing, turning the venue into a nonstop dance party. They played a good mix of old and new songs for 30 minutes straight. Also, showing their obvious friendship with the other bands on tour, BC had guest vocals on 2 different songs that night. First up they sang their mega hit “The Birds and The Bees” with Tarcy of AVP. Their 2nd guest vocal was with Dave of Every Avenue. Together, they put on a rare performance of “Have you ever danced”, which they had recorded with Dave and Jeffree Star for the deluxe edition of “Hello Fascination.” This was a huge surprise, and a great thing to get to witness in person. Kyle explained that it would probably be the only time those 2 bands toured together and would be able to play the song live. Ending the set with their new single “IDGAF”, the entire venue jumped along, middle fingers in the air. Let me tell you, you have not experience a true Breathe Carolina show unless you leave the pit soaking wet and out of breath. BC continues to be one of the most hardworking, grateful, amazing bands of the year. Whenever you get the chance to see them live and lose yourself in the music, DO IT! You will not regret it!

Headliners Mayday Parade rounded out the night with a set worthy of selling out the big venues. They started off with one of the coolest intros I have seen at a concert. Derek came onstage dressed in a black suit and hat, face covered in a blank white skin-tight cloth mask, toting a bright red umbrella. Sound Familiar? Album artwork anyone? The fans went absolutely nuts over this. After turning his back and under the cover of his umbrella, Derek removed the hat and mask for the bands big entrance. When the lights blacked out, he was joined by the rest of the band, who went straight into “Walk on Water or Drown.” The PA volume was easily being matched by the screaming of the fans. Mayday played 18 songs of pure energy and emotion. Derek and Jake’s switching vocals sounded excellent as always, and the band as a whole sounded just as great! Mayday spread the band love as well, also having 2 guest vocal spots. Dave from EA took the stage for the 4th time that night to sing “Jersey” with Mayday, reminiscent of what they used to do on the Manwhores and Open Sores tour. In a very special collaboration, Jason Lancaster (former Mayday vocalist) joined Derek onstage for an incredible performance of “Miserable at Best.” Both Derek and Jason commented in recent interviews with Substream that there was no bad blood between the 2, and they were excited for the opportunity to sing together and bring a different experience to the crowds every night. At the end of the night, everyone got what they were waiting for, and incredible set ending with fan favorite “Jamie All Over.” You could feel the building shake with all the fans jumping and singing and crowd surfing until the very last note was played. Mayday will be on top of the world before you know it; there is nothing but big things coming in their future. Go see them, and the rest of the Fearless Friends tour, on this level while you still can before they start selling out arenas!

Ben Packard

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