Escape The Fate – Amos Southend- Charlotte, NC 2/1/2011

Las Vegas hard rockers Escape the Fate have been through their fair share of turbulence and drama. With numerous lineup changes and canceled tours fueled by rehab visits, one would wonder if they are still capable of rocking out as hard as they did in earlier years. A recent trip to their current headline tour “The Dead Masquerade” proved that they are just as good, if not better, than they ever have been. The screams and chants started from the crowd a good 10 minutes before Escape the Fate even took the stage, and continued well after they played their last song. Craig, Max, Monte, and Rob took the stage under the cover of candlelight and darkness, setting the tone for the night. Front man Craig Mabbit was all over the stage, up and down the multiple staircases surrounding the drum set; a constant blur of motion. His vocals were on point and sounded just as good live as they do on their current self titled CD, released in November 2010. ETF played a full one hour set covering all the fan favorites from “Something” and “Bad Blood” to “G3” closing off the night.

With an impressive support lineup of Drive A, Get Scared, Motionless in White, and Alesana, the Dead Masquerade Tour was definitely one of the biggest hardcore tours of the year. Drive A started off the night with a very impressive set; expect to see more of them very soon. Alesana was the highlight of the night for many fans, as this was their “hometown” show of the tour. These guys put their heart into every show every night, and this was no exception. Off the wall insanity combined with amazing music is the only way to describe what the fans witnessed. They easily rivaled Escape the Fate for the headline spot of this tour.

Escape The Fate are touring in support of their new “Issues Remix EP” which contains multiple remixes of hit songs. The Dead Masquerade Tour continues on through the middle of March playing to sold out crowds of all ages. Even if hardcore music is not your favorite, it would be well worth the ticket price to check this tour out.

Ben Packard

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