Dashboard Confessional – Swiss Army Romance 10th Aniversary Tour

The 10 year anniversary celebration tour of Dashboard Confessional’s CD “Swiss Army Romance” started this week, making stops at small clubs throughout the east coast. Joined by John Lefler and Cory Branan, Chris Carrabba brought one of the most fan friendly shows I have seen. Starting off the show, John Lefler brought his own style of music to the stage. Lefler, current keyboard player and guitarist for Dashboard Confessional, played a solo set of heartfelt music and creative music instrumentation. Unfortunately, the majority of the crowd seemed uninterested, and when Carrabba mentioned that he was in Dashboard, the crowd seemed surprised. While he may not be well known for his solo material, it is definitely something to check out. Cory Branan was up next, and he ROCKED! For a solo artist playing just a guitar, I have never seen more energy from an artist. While some of his songs were comical, like “Prettiest waitress in Memphis”, he did mix in some emotion, and played his heart out on the guitar. The crowd absolutely loved him; at times cheering just as loud for him as they did for Dashboard. For a solo artist that has been doing what he loves for such a long time, it is clear that he doesn’t get all the credit he deserves. Most people wouldn’t know his name if you mentioned it, but after you see him live, I dare you not to consider yourself a fan. His performance was outstanding, and his friendly attitude made it a pleasure to meet him. Please check Cory out online and if he happens to play in your town, go to the show, you will not regret it! Dashboard Confessional closed out the night, more specifically Chris Carrabba and his acoustic guitar. Chris played the entire Swiss Army Romance album in order, and the crowd went crazy. Half the time, Chris did not even sing, he let the crowd scream along every single lyric perfectly. Carrabba played an intense hour and a half set, with a 5 song encore. While Swiss Army Romance only took up about half of the show, he made sure to play fan favorites like “Vindicated”, and he closed the show with “Hands Down.” It was an honor to be able to go to this show and see such talent all together in one room. It made me feel like I was back in high school all over again. While this leg of the tour is only playing the east coast, Carrabba recently announced a west coast leg to kick off in January of next year. If you live anywhere near a tour stop and are planning on going, make sure to get your tickets far in advance, as this tour has been and will continue to sell out night after night.

Ben Packard

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