AP Tour Spring 2011

When you hear “The AP Tour,” you know the lineup is going to be good! Continuing with a second year of harder bands, this spring’s AP Tour featured Black Veil Brides co headlining with DRUGS. With support from I See Stars, Versa Emerge, and Conditions, this year’s tour proved to be one of the best AP Tours yet! When a show is scheduled on 4/20, you can expect everything to be a little “different.” After a rather dull set from both Conditions and Versa Emerge, I See Stars got the crowd going crazy putting on a show worthy of headlining status. One of my favorite bands for sure. Newcomers DRUGS played a set that blew the crowd away. Craig Owens was soaking up every minute of the fans adoring love for him, and then transferred that energy into an amazing show. DRUGS is going to be one of the biggest breakout bands of 2011, I guarantee it. Black Veil Brides finally took the stage to close off the night, and they did it with a bang. While the screams for the boys started almost as soon as DRUGS was done performing, the volume intensified even more has the white drop fell from the rafters and BVB appeared. The metal core sextet played only 8 songs, but crammed more energy into those 40 minutes than most bands do on a whole tour. Starting off with “All Your Hate,” BVB ran through a set list containing fan favorites such as “We Stitch These Wounds,” “Beautiful Remains,” “Knives and Pens,” and “Perfect Weapon.” Included in that list was a very impressive drum solo by Christian Coma. Andy Sixx (or just Andy, as he retired his name on that very day) had the vocal range of rock stars more than twice his age, proving you can be young and sing just as amazing. The bands stage presence and fan interaction played a key role in the shows energy. The guitar riffs were more metal than most bands could dream of playing. All in all… everything just worked for Black Veil Brides. Sure there are many people out there that don’t like BVB for their looks, but if they would take a second and just listen to the music, I bet they would change their minds.

Ben Packard

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