A Day To Remember and Underoath Tour 2010

The current kings of hardcore took the stage at Raleigh NC’s Disco Rodeo last week, sending the steaming hot Mexican bar into frenzy. A Day to Remember, Underoath, The Word Alive, and Close Your Eyes are trekking across the country and leaving a path of hard rock destruction in their path. Close Your Eyes started things off, and while they were relatively unknown by the crowd, they sure did impress. The set was short, loud, and got the crowd moving. Fearless records favorites The Word Alive were up next, much to the delight of the crowd. Being one of the opening acts, bands usually don’t get the kind of crowd reaction that TWA did. Song after song, the whole crowd was jumping and singing along. This was one of the few times I’ve heard the crowd demand an encore from a support band. The Word Alive is going to be big by this time next year, keep your eyes peeled. Co Headliners Underoath stormed the stage next with a light show that could blind you! The insane use of strobe and LED lights combined with amazing vocals made their set one to remember. The crowd was the loudest all night during Underoath’s set. The boys proved that even with no original members remaining, they still rock just as hard! They played a full set of new material while promoting their brand new release, “Disambiguation.” Underoath left the stage after 40 minutes, again to the crowd demanding an encore. After listening to their new CD, I can safely say it is a must have for any hardcore music fan. Go pick it up in stores now! A Day to Remember finished off the night with one of the most high energy shows I have seen, from both the band and the crowd. I don’t think there was a single moment when a crowd surfer wasn’t tumbling over the barricade. They played 18 songs of action and energy, including new songs from their upcoming CD release “What Separates Me From You” due out November 16th. The whole night turned into an amazing time for music lovers. While exiting the club, which was easily 40 degrees hotter that it was outside, I heard endless choruses of “How sick was that?” and “F**king amazing show.” The crowd clearly loved it, and if you have the chance to catch this tour in your city, be sure to get your ticket before it sells out!

Ben Packard

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