CD Review: Down With Webster – Time To Win, Volume 1

Canadian rap rockers Down with Webster have been touring nonstop in support of their first album on Universal Motown, Time to Win Vol 1. Their non top party attitude is displayed in full effect on the album, making it an impossible record to ignore.

Track By Track:

1) Time To Win – Perfect opening song for the album. It gets you pumped with heavy beats and sick rap lyrics, mixed with girls repeating “its time to win.” Heavy use of what sounds like a trombone effect and constant symbol use make the beat incredibly catchy.

2) Whoa Is Me – Incredible mix of beats and guitar shredding. Slower tempo than most DWW songs, but still just as good. This song has the best line of the whole album “You say you’re a big deal? Big Deal! I’ve been a big deal ever since big wheels!” Come on, where else will you find lyrics that crazy?

3) Your Man – Starts off with an “oriental” sound. Another one of DWW’s slower songs. Lots of rap in this one. Vocal transitions between band members are great, almost unnoticeable.

4) Rich Girl – Starts off with old time music, straight into great rap. Lyrics are funny, but very true in a real life sense. Chorus is very catchy, one that will definitely get stuck in your head. This song is more instrument oriented than other songs. The guitar solo on this song is also very impressive.

5) Miracle Mile – Strange old school sounding intro. Lots of trumpet sound mixed in and combined with DJ beats. Gang vocals work very well. Lots of cymbal and bass use. Lyrics are combined perfectly. The song is really repetitive, one of DWW’s more odd songs.

6) Back Of My Hand – Hands down the best song of the album. Very Powerful Lyrics. Crowds at their live show get into this song the most. An intro of thunderstorm sounds, combined with piano and solo vocals set the tone for the rest of the song. Rap moves into a very heavy back beat. Pat Gillett shows off his amazing vocal skills throughout the song. The chorus vocals are amazing; you can’t help but bob your head. The intensity of the vocals is combined with an in your face attitude. The outro is a perfect ending to the song.

7) Parade Music – Ending the CD the way they started; powerful and incredibly catchy. This song is the most “hip hop” type song on the album. Backbeat and lyrics are a great combination. You can’t go wrong with a song rapping about pirates and playing Madden. Great guitar solo as well. Makes the whole CD end with a bang!

Down with Webster have clearly put out one of the most solid records of the year. The beats are amazing and the vocals are something you just can’t ignore. The unique lead vocal switch offs and use of sound effects create an insane combination of songs. Time to Win Vol 1 is definitely in my top 5 albums of the year. Pick up a copy for yourself, and be sure to check them out on tour when they come through your town!

Ben Packard

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