Lady Gaga & Semi Precious Weapons – The Monster Ball Tour

Lady Gaga ended the first leg of her North American Monster Ball tour with a bang Sunday night at the RBC Center in Raleigh North Carolina. The fans flooded in by the thousands. Most were dressed in their Gaga best – little to no clothing, masks, wild headwear, just about anything you could imagine. The excitement was growing and you could feel it by the time the opening act went on. 

Semi Precious Weapons, the glam rock band from New York, took the stage first in a burst of fashion and rock. The band members took the stage, followed soon after by lead singer Justin Tranter, who let out a huge scream, followed by “NC how the fuck are we tonight?” From that moment on it was a nonstop party onstage. Justin clearly led the show, but that didn’t stop bassist Cole Whittle from going absolutely insane! He was a constant blur from moving, jumping, and shaking in every direction possible. I never saw him sing into his mic stand at a vertical position; it was always in the air or on the floor. Definitely something exciting to watch. They played a great set with excellent music. Although it was short, they played fan favorites such as “Put a Diamond in It” and “Semi Precious Weapons.” The crowd was really into them, they were almost as excited to see Semi Precious Weapons as they were to see Lady Gaga. Justin fed on this energy, putting on a wild show. He even got crazy enough to completely strip and change outfits right on stage in the middle of a song, making it enjoyable for the ladies (and most of the guys as well) in the crowd. Although Semi Precious Weapons might not be everyone’s style of music, there is no doubt that they put on an amazing show and sound good doing it. I highly recommend you check them out on their current “Dirty Showbiz Tour”, and pick up their CD “You Love You.” Worth the money, I promise!

 Next up was the queen herself! Lady Gaga took the stage over a deafening roar of the crowd. Starting off with “Dance in the Dark” while dancing behind a scrim with a single spotlight lighting her from behind, Gaga showed off her impressive dance moves before she even hit the stage in person. The 2 hour set had a loose storyline of Gaga and her friends trying to make their way to the monster ball. While the storyline helped the show flow, the attention was all about the superstar leading the show. While Lady Gaga is known for her eccentric outfits, and trust me there were plenty during the show, nothing to was to wild or crazy. There was everything from a see through nun outfit, to a metallic spiky wedding dress, to a leather underwear getup with pyrotechnic private parts. No meat dress this show, which was too bad, would have been cool to see in person. Gaga showed off her musical talents as well, playing a strange standup bass/keyboard/synth machine combination. She also spent a good 20 minutes just sitting at a piano (on fire, in true Gaga fashion) and just sang her heart out. One of the most impressive parts of the night. No theatrics, no dance moves, just raw talent. Throughout the night Gaga made it very clear that she is totally against lip syncing, and she proved multiple times that there was absolutely no lip syncing at her show, nor will there ever be. Mrs. Gaga left no doubt that her show was a place where gay community can come and feel free to be who you want to be. The crowd’s screams showed their appreciation for this. No matter your sexual preference, and all politics aside, everyone left the show that night singing Lady Gaga’s praises: Love everyone, it’s ok, we were born this way. (On a side note, that is also the name of Lady Gaga’s upcoming album).

Ben Packard

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