The Maine on tour with Augustana

The Maine has hit the road for a spring co headline tour with Augustana, along with Austin Gibbs as support. With The Maine’s album “Black and White” continuing to climb the charts, their new sound fits well with the Mumford and Sons-esque style of Austin Gibbs and the folk rock ballads of Augustana. While it was a co headline tour, on a recent stop in Charlotte NC, The Maine played direct support to Augustana’s set. Starting off with 3 songs flowing into each other, including Don’t Stop Now, Right Girl, and Growing Up, The Maine made it clear that they wouldn’t be doing a lot of talking that night. The night was centered around their music, not fan interaction. This was rather unusual for The Maine, who are very fan centered during their live set. John-O admitted that he was still incredibly drunk from the night before, and it sure was visible. While none of the other band members admitted it, their stiff posture and complete silence made it seem that they too took part in the celebration the night before. While you might think that a wasted lead singer would be a bad thing, this was not the case. In all honesty, this was one of the better performances vocal wise that I have ever seen from The Maine. Usually John-O spends most of the show yelling at the fans to jump around or to sing louder, but on this night, he sang the whole song, every time. When you have the chance to actually hear him sing, John-O has a very impressive voice. The Maine played an 11 song set of mostly new songs, but threw in a few oldies, including Girls Do What They Want, I Must Be Dreaming, and a “Stoner Version” of Everything I Ask For. Ending the night, they played Into Your Arms, which invoked a fan sing along that was one of the highlights of the show. While the Maine’s song style and live show have certainly evolved from the Cant Stop Won’t Stop days, this new persona does not disappoint.

Ben Packard

** For an exclusive photo gallery from this show, click HERE **

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